Why do I pay a stormwater fee?

The EPA issued new stormwater permits that require communities to address water pollution caused by stormwater runoff. In addition to meeting the City's current stormwater needs, the Stormwater Utility Fund, adopted in 2010, provides the City with necessary resources to fully address unfunded federal and state regulatory requirements. 

Previously the City dealt with stormwater management on a reactive, as-needed basis. The age, size, and condition of the City's stormwater infrastructure demands a consistent, proactive approach. To do that, the City must join all other major cities and counties in South Carolina in adopting a stormwater utility fee. Spartanburg County adopted a stormwater property tax charge in 2005, which will now be removed from the property tax bill for City properties. 

The Stormwater Utility Fund covers the cost of our mandated stormwater management program, funds drainage improvement projects that alleviate flooding problems, and protects streams from erosion and sedimentation. 

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