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Fire Sprinkler Permit Application

  1. City of Spartanburg South Carolina
  2. For Office Use Only

    Permit # _____________________________

    Permit Fee $_________________________

    Plan Review _____________________________

    Plan Review Fee $_________________________

  3. Plan submittals are done electronically. Submit drawings and attachments to See items that need to be included with electronic submittal of plans below**.

  4. Occupancy Classification(s)*
  5. Fire Sprinkler System Details
  6. Installation Type*
  7. System Type(s)*
  8. Design per NFPA*
  9. Coverage*
  10. Hazard(s)*
  11. Standpipes*
  12. Other*
  13. A permit and Plan Review fee will be assessed based on the total value of the project, but not less than a $50 Permit Fee and a Plan Review Fee. See fee schedule on Building Inspections website ( 

    I hereby make application for permit to perform the work described herein, and if permit is granted, I agree to conform to all review comments, City Ordinances, State/International/National Codes as applicable, and applicable requirements set forth by the City or State Fire Marshal's Office, whether specified herein or not, and in accordance with all plans submitted. I certify that the information given is true and accurate. 

  14. Electronic Signature Agreement
    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) your application will not be signed in the sense of a traditional paper document, 2) by signing in this alternate manner, you authorize your electronic signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, and 3) you may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date.
  15. **Plan Submittal Checklist**

    Drawings shall be submitted to:

    The following checklist is provided as a summary of the minimum information required before a review will be initiated. It is the contractor's responsibility to have a thorough working knowledge of the applicable City, State, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and International Code Council (ICC) requirements and to include additional information that may be specific to this system. Failure to provide the needed information will delay the review process. 

    All Projects (included on Plan Submittal):

    1. Name, address, phone, email, and state sprinkler contractor's license number
    2. Creation date of plan, revision dates, point of compass, scale, and graphic representation of scale
    3. Complete address (include building name or suite) of project (include tenant name if known)
    4. Clear and definitive scope of work for the project and the company permitting the work

    New Installation/Major Remodel/All Group E (Educational), I (Institutional), A (Assembly):

    1. Site/plot drawings with paved roads, fire lanes, parking, and building orientation. Include locations of area hydrants, the remote FDC. FDCs shall be labeled in accordance with City Requirements
    2. Site/plot drawings indicating location, weight/class, size and length of underground piping and materials from water source to riser. Include any valves, meters, valve pit (include pit details), depth to bury pipe, thrust blocks, etc. All valves, including backflow, shall be electronically monitored
    3. One set of: hydraulic calculations for all remote areas, cut sheets for all components, PE signed/sealed FSSS and COC. Submittal to the State Fire Marshal's Office for all projects over 5,000 square feet
    4. Provide the type of construction (per NFPA 13). Include locations of wall partitions, fire walls, floor openings, concealed spaces, etc. Clearly label each area/room as to its use or title. Any area without sprinklers shall be clearly indicated and the appropriate NFPA 13 exception number shall be included
    5. Provide system design data at each design area. Hydraulic reference points shown on the plan shall correspond with a  comparable reference on the hydraulic calculations
    6. Include full height cross-section and elevations of the facility, including ceiling construction
    7. If room design method is used, provide information of room rating, including self-closing doors and indicate all unprotected wall openings throughout that floor
    8. Indicate location and type of inspector test. Show all control valves, switches, and alarm/flow devices. Flow switches per level of the building and an exterior water flow alarm will be required per City Code
    9. Indicate all duct work, ceiling layouts, lighting , diffusers, etc. which may affect the system coverage
    10. Show size, type, piping, drainage, location and elevation of risers, drains, house outlets, hand hose, etc. 
    11. Show settings for pressure reducing valves at all levels
    12. Legend shall clearly indicate the sprinkler type, temperature, manufacturer, etc. of each head
    13. Indicate spacing of sprinklers and number of sprinklers in each story or fire area
    14. Indicate type and location of hangers, sleeves, flexible couplings, and braces. Provide location spacing, direction, and calculations on loads for sizing of sway bracing with materials detail
  16. Required Inspections & Documents

    Underground material certificate and full-bore flush test, rough-in/overhead before concealment, hydro test (and air for dry systems), flow response test, and final. Additional testing may be required based on system or complexity. 

  17. Pre-Final Inspection Checklist

    The contractor shall verify completion of the following items, any item from this list found outstanding at the time of the final will result in termination of the inspection and assessment of a re-inspection fee. 

    1. All previous inspections completed and deficiencies corrected
    2. Installation per submitted prints or deviations approved and as-built drawings prepared for inspector
    3. Permit, stamped drawings, and 3 copies of the Certificate of Completion onsite
    4. A copy of the submittal package and certificates shall be placed in a plan tube or other approved container and labeled, "Sprinkler Plans--Do Not Remove From Site," installed at the sprinkler riser or other approved location
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