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Fire Suppression Permit Application

  1. City of Spartanburg South Carolina
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    Permit # _____________________________

    Permit Fee $_________________________

    Plan Review _____________________________

    Plan Review Fee $_________________________

  3. Plan submittals are done electronically. Submit drawings and attachments to See items that need to be included with electronic submittal of plans below**. 

  4. This permit is for fire suppression systems. A permit is required for the installation of new systems and for any modifications to existing systems. A separate permit shall be obtained for each system. Additional permits are required for connection to or installation of a fire alarm system, installation of the ventilation system, and/or modifications to the electrical or gas systems. 

  5. Fire Suppression System Details
  6. Hazard*
  7. Please note (if applicable)

  8. Installation*
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  10. System*
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  12. Installation Code Requirements*

    Installations shall be in accordance with International Code requirements and will meet the following NFPA requirement(s). Check all that apply.

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  14. A permit and Plan Review fee will be assessed based on the total value of the project, but not less than a $50 Permit Fee and a Plan Review Fee. See fee schedule on Building Inspections website ( 

    I hereby make application for permit to perform the work described herein, and if permit is granted, I agree to conform to all review comments, City Ordinances, State/International/National Codes as applicable, and applicable requirements set forth by the City or State Fire Marshal's Office, whether specified herein or not, and in accordance with all plans submitted. I certify that the information given is true and accurate. 

  15. Electronic Signature Agreement
    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) your application will not be signed in the sense of a traditional paper document, 2) by signing in this alternate manner, you authorize your electronic signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, and 3) you may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date.
  16. **Plan Submittal Checklist**

    Drawings shall be submitted to:

    The following checklist is provided as a summary of the minimum information required before a review will be initiated. It is the contractor's responsibility to have a thorough working knowledge of the applicable City, State, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and International Code Council (ICC) requirements and to include additional information that may be specific to this system. Failure to provide the needed information will delay the review process. 

    1. Name, address, phone, email, and state contractor's license number of the licensed contractor
    2. Creation date of plan, revision dates, point of compass, scale, and graphic representation of scale
    3. Description of the system to be installed including (but not limited to) manufacturer, make, model, tank size, maximum flow points, and the number of flow points utilized (as applicable)
    4. Description and location of nozzles and pipe locations and sizes
    5. Description, location, and size of appliance(s) to be protected. Description of method to secure equipment and verify proper placement of movable equipment (chain/cable, marking the floor, etc.) as applicable
    6. Location and temperature rating of fusible links and method to verify proper link temperature setting, such as manufacturers listing or ambient temperature review. In general, setting link temperatures 70 degrees F above the tested ambient operational plenum temperature is considered acceptable
    7. Type and function of gas valve, electrical shunts, etc. Statement that all fuel sources, including electrical appliances and fixtures (including hood lights) will terminate upon system activation
    8. Statement of installation standards (NFPA, IFC, etc.) to which the system will be installed
    9. Function/operation of make-up air and exhaust upon system activation
    10. Location of manual pull station(s) and K extinguisher (as applicable)
    11. Location of properly labeled Audio/Visual device or interconnection to fire alarm system
    12. When multiple systems are present, hoods and pull station must be clearly labeled with signs of not less than 1" tall letters/numbers

    Note: In order to assist with the review process, contractors are encouraged to provide a manufacturer's installation manual with the submittal. Manuals will be required on new or non-standard systems. Manuals will be returned upon request from the contractor. 

  17. Pre-Inspection Checklist

    The contractor shall verify completion of the following items prior to scheduling an inspection. Any item that is outstanding at the time of inspection will result in termination of the inspection and assessment of a re-inspection fee. 

    1. Pre-test/functional has been completed to verify proper operation of ALL system components
    2. All equipment (protected hazard) is installed and secured in place
    3. Any mechanical/electrical systems have been reviewed and approved by the Building Inspections Department
    4. When a fire alarm system is present, the system suppression shall be connected to the fire alarm system by a qualified individual. If a fire alarm system is not present, connection to an audio and visual notification device that has been clearly labeled, or  the system shall indicate the status of the suppressant.
    5. Contractor has current State Licnese that properly indicates approval to install the permitted system or documentation provided from the manufacturer for the installation contractor
    6. Permit, stamped drawings, system manual(s), and needed testing equipment
    7. Prepared to review the documented manufacturers' testing requirements with the inspector
    8. At a minimum, prepare to conduct a functional test of all devices and a balloon test
    9. Provide certificate of compliance or other form of documentation attesting to proper installation
    10. A copy of the approved drawings, completed certificate of compliance, a copy of the manufacturer's listed installation and maintenance manual or listed owner's manual shall be issued to the owner, or posted onsite at an approved location
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