Downtown Banner Program

Application Process

  1. The banner poles in downtown Spartanburg are for the use of the City of Spartanburg and nonprofit organizations located in the city who wish to promote an upcoming event or initiative held within the city limits. This does not include political or religious organizations.
  2. The City of Spartanburg may pre-empt use of the poles for a City banner at any time.
  3. Applications will be accepted 90 days in advance on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  4. Banners are available to organizations one month at a time.
  5. Organizations requesting banner spaces are responsible for paying for design and production of all banners.

Banner Districts

The following banner locations are available for use by outside organizations

  1. Church Street, between Broad and St John streets
  2. W St John Street, between Daniel Morgan Avenue and N Church Street

Banner Design

  1. The City of Spartanburg will review and approve banner text, graphics and color prior to production.
  2. Banners cannot be political or religious in subject matter, nor can banners be used for the sole purpose of advertising a specific product or corporate entity.
  3. To maintain consistent look and quality for all downtown banners, the City of Spartanburg recommends that you use Spartan Graphics as your vendor. If not, we must approve a sample before the full order is placed.

Banner District Specifications

  1. Organizations can only reserve one area of the banner district. Banners will not be added to empty spots in other areas.
  2. Only City of Spartanburg banners will occupy Main St.
  3. E. St. John St. is only available for use by USC Upstate George Dean Johnson College of Business and Economics and Chapman Cultural Center.
  4. The City's hanging baskets will occupy E. Main St, W. Main St. and Morgan Square between April and mid-October. These baskets will not be taken down to accommodate banners. 
  5. Organizations must have banners delivered to City Hall (145 W Broad St.) in order to have them installed. 

Requesting an application means you agree to the process, design and banner specifications outlined above. Please email Anna-Elyse Abrams to receive an application. The City is not responsible for any damage sustained to any banner due to acts of nature.


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