Citizen Academy

Have you ever wondered how potholes are repaired, how different departments of municipal government are able to respond so quickly to emergencies, how the City of Spartanburg prepares its budget or decides where to build a new road, a park, or a garage?

The mission of the City of Spartanburg Citizen Academy is to provide the citizens of Spartanburg the opportunity to receive an in depth education about the services and operations provided by the City of Spartanburg. The goal is that the participants will “graduate” with a greater understanding of municipal operations. Participants will learn about the relationship between the citizens, the City Council, its boards & commissions and the City administration. They will also learn how and why projects are undertaken and the manner in which services are provided, as well as receive an overview of the budget planning process, the development review process, and many other responsibilities and functions of City government. Each class will be conducted by City staff and will provide an interactive learning experience.

Goals of the Academy

To educate the public on what their local government does for them.

To improve and increase citizen awareness and interest in local government.

To develop citizen understanding of their role in city government.

To provide an opportunity for citizens to become involved in civic democracy and to see how tax dollars work to improve quality of life for all residents.

To provide an inside look at the operations of the City of Spartanburg.

To help identify issues and areas of concern for citizens to help implement the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

To encourage citizens to become involved in their local government.

To demonstrate what is provided by local property tax. 

Structure of the Academy

  • Eight sessions, approximately 2.5 hours each and a graduation ceremony (tentative)
  • Participants are encouraged to attend at one (1) additional public meeting such as a City Council meeting, Planning meeting or other meeting.  
  • Classes will be held on Tuesdays from 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • To obtain maximum benefit from the Citizens Academy, attendance at all sessions is crucial. 
  • Participants will hear from representatives of all City Departments.
  • Upon successful completion of the classes, a certificate of completion will be presented.
  • The City of Spartanburg Citizen Academy is free to participants.
  • For more information about the City of Spartanburg Citizen’s Academy, please feel free to contact the Community Relations Office at (864) 596.2905 or by email at



Who To Know

Kathy Hill

Community Relations Manager
(864) 596-2905
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