Employee Benefits Overview


Summary of City Employee Benefits 


The City of Spartanburg offers an excellent benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance through PEBA, the SC State Health Plan.  All full-time employees are also members of the South Carolina Retirement System.  (www.peba.sc.gov)

Full-time employees who work at least 30 hours a week are eligible for medical coverage within 31 days of their hire date.

Employee Cost Per Pay Period

Insurance Premiums Effective 1/1/21

PEBA Standard Plan          

Employee Rates Per Pay Period (bi-weekly):                                                          

Employee Only                       $ 11 (subsidized by City)

Employee & Spouse               $116.94                                                                                  

Employee & Children                $66.40                                                                      

Family                                     $141.49                                                                      

Basic Dental Plan                                          Dental Plus

Employee Only                       $0                    Employee Only                     $11.98

Employee & Spouse                $3.53               Employee & Spouse               $27.75

Employee & Child(ren)            $6.33               Employee & Child(ren)           $34.27

Family                                   $9.85               Family                                  $46.14

Vision Coverage

Employee Only                      $ 2.68

Employee & Spouse               $ 5.35

Employee & Child(ren)           $ 5.75

Employee & Family                $8.43

The City will continue to provide 1 x annual salary in life insurance and short-term disability at no charge to employee.  The City will subsidize the basic long term disability coverage provided through PEBA.

To offset the deductible with PEBA, the City will contribute $450 into a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).  Employees who are hired after January 1st receive a prorated amount based on their month of hire.  

PEBA Standard Plan                                                                                  

$490 Annual Deductible/ $980 Family

Covered Percentage (In-Network):  Plan Pays 80%/ Employee 20%

Covered Percentage (Out-of-Network):  60%/40%

Out-of-Pocket (not including deductible & co-pays) $2,800/$5,600 Family           

$14 Co-Pay for Doctor’s Visits plus co-insurance (Plan Pays 80%; Employee Pays 20%)                                     

Prescription Drugs:

Retail pharmacies (up to 30-day supply)

• Tier 1 (generic): $9

• Tier 2 (brand): $42

• Tier 3 (brand): $70

Retail maintenance network and mail order pharmacies (up to 90-day supply)

• Tier 1: $22

• Tier 2: $105

• Tier 3: $175

Copay maximum:


Tobacco Surcharge: $18.46 per pay period employee only and $27.69 per pay period for family

Retiree Monthly Rates

PEBA Standard Plan

Retiree                       $500.38

Retiree & Spouse        $1,051.04  

Retiree & Children       $761.92

Family                        $1,305.28

Basic Dental Rates                                        Dental Plus                Vision

Retiree                      $13.48                         $39.44                         $5.80

Retiree & Spouse        $21.12                         $73.60                         $11.60

Retiree & Child(ren)    $27.20                         $87.74                         $12.46

Family                       $34.82                         $113.46                       $18.26











To navigate your benefits and to access additional resources, please visit:  https://www.peba.sc.gov/nyb

Employees who enroll in the medical plan are eligible to utilize our free on-site health clinic with Proactive MD.  Proactive MD has two offices.  One is located at Public Works and the other is located at City Hall.  The services provided by our clinic are biometric screenings that includes lab work, health risk assessment, weight loss program, health coaching, referrals to specialists and episodic care.

The Clinic Schedule is as follows:

City Hall

Monday              Noon until 4pm

Wednesday         8am until 2pm

Friday                 8 am – 2pm

 Public Works

Tuesday             7 am – 1pm

Thurs.                Noon – 4pm


Employees receive 11 paid holidays and earn 5.54 hours of general leave each pay period (144.04 hours annually).


The City of Spartanburg offers a work-based intervention program designed to assist employees in resolving personal problems that may be adversely affecting performance or work-life balance. Other counseling services provided by our EAP are alcohol or substance abuse, child or elder care, relationship challenges, financial or legal problems, wellness matters and traumatic events.





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To navigate city benefits and to access additional resources, please visit: