Avenue of Nations

International Festival Avenue of Nations

Travel the globe in less time than it normally takes to make an airline reservation when strolling through the International Festival Avenue of Nations. Learn about diverse and ancient cultures at the Avenue of Nations, the place to get acquainted with Spartanburg's international community. Visit each country's booth and ask questions as you travel from country to country right here in Downtown Spartanburg.

International Festival Avenue of NationsOne of the International Festival's featured attractions, the Avenue of Nations is also the place where kids stop to get their passports stamped, and offers a chance for some Upstate residents to take a trip "back home" and reconnect with their roots. See one-of-a-kind artifacts, beautiful clothing, and authentic memorabilia as you meet people from all over the world. 


Since 2007, a country (or other area) has been selected by International Cultures of Spartanburg to be the honored during the International Festival. The culture of the honored country is represented in various ways throughout the festival, including being located at the front entrance to the park with 8-10 displays representing the country.

For 2022, International Festival honors Colombia

International Festival Parade of NationsPast Honorees include:

2007: Germany

2008: China

2009: Continent of Africa 

2010: Continent of South America

2011: Scandinavia

2012: Switzerland

2013: Italy

2014: Japan

2015: Festival canceled

2016: Mexico

2017: Finland

2018: Philippines

2019: Puerto Rico

Parade of Nations

It’s a scene reminiscent of a Disney Parade or the opening ceremony of the Olympics when festival-goers line the sidewalks for the annual Parade of Nations, held at 2 pm. Festival participants from our Avenue of Nations educational booths and our stage performers all join in to be part of the parade, displaying signs with their country's name, carrying their country’s flag, and following the winding sidewalks through the park.

If you only have a short time during the day to visit the festival, you definitely don't want to miss the parade

2022 Avenue of Nations

International Festival Parade of NationsEurope

1 Belarus Halina Palukoshka
2 Romania Dorotea Gabel

3 Sweden Laura Karas
4 Denmark Beverly Adamson
5 Spain Silvia Rica & Aixa Anderson
6 Germany Beate Pirchmoser & Mark Mezger
7 France Monique & Bill Glass
8 Czech Republic Lyle Campbell


9 South Africa Maptiso Rivera
10 Kenya Sylglenda Saziru & Naz Saziru
11 MENA (Middle East & North Africa) Wofford College


12 Hmong/ Laos Georgia Parker

13 Turkey Fikret Burgazli & Yuksel Sonmez
14 Philippines Jasmine Long
15 South Korea Youmi Efurd & Sara Yoon


16 Haití Sammuel Jean
17 Jamaica Caveril Pryce

South America

18 Paraguay Carolina Recalde

19 Brazil Luciana Lord & Juliane Rabuske

20 Panamá Martha Dupes

North America

21 Mexico Angela Castillo & Lili
22 USA Ron Stanley
23 Canada Douglas A. Jackson

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