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Morgan Square Public Kickoff Event

Held on December 13 at Chapman Cultural Center, our public kickoff event featured an overview of Morgan Square's history, a review of the upcoming design and public input process.

The event also featured a keynote address from Mitchell Silver, former Commissioner of Parks for New York City and award-winning planner with over 35 years of experience. He is internationally recognized for his leadership in the urban planning profession, parks and public space planning and contributions to contemporary planning issues.

Project Description

From its beginnings as a Spartanburg's foundational town square 235 years ago, Morgan Square has remained a focal point for our community. Even as the square has changed shape and configuration over the years, its importance for Spartanburg's people, our culture, and our sense of place has remained constant. For well over two centuries now, Morgan Square has been the most iconic and important piece of public land in Spartanburg County. 

Seeking to build on the previous redevelopment of Morgan Square in 2006, the City has begun a planning process to consider various improvements in the layout and design of the square that includes examining barriers to visibility and access, site circulation, landscaping, and increasing flexibility in the use of the space. This webpage will be your source of project information and events - please continue to check this space for project updates and engagement opportunities.


Aug W. Smith buildingIn recent years, the City of Spartanburg along with community stakeholders and leaders have been united in a concerted effort to revitalize our city's central commercial district, drawing over $200 million in new private investment to the area surrounding Morgan Square. That renewed focus and historic level of investment has seen Downtown Spartanburg flourish, welcoming hundreds of new residents and more than 100 new businesses along the way. Historic restorations of the iconic Montgomery Building and Aug W. Smith Building have combined with new additions such as the AC Hotel to create a new vibrancy in Spartanburg's historic core.

Slated to add to that vibrancy is $270+ million in public investment, which includes the new Spartanburg County Judicial Center and a planned City/County joint local government facility, both of which will be visible from the square. Additional private investment in Downtown Spartanburg over the coming years is expected to reach well over $100 million.

Study Area

The study area is generally bound by Main Street, Church Street, Dunbar Street, and Magnolia Street but also extents to the building edges and their sidewalk spaces around its perimeter.

Morgan Square Study Area


Morgan SquareEstablished in 1787 as the original courthouse village, the site was renamed Morgan Square in 1881 with the placement of a statue of General Daniel Morgan, a Revolutionary War hero. Unfortunately, the Square was relegated to surface parking by the 1960s, but in 2006, Morgan Square was transformed into a focal public space for downtown Spartanburg.

Today, the City and community stakeholders are engaged in a process to expand on the success of that initial transformation, seeking to improve its usefulness and functionality for residents and visitors while solidifying Morgan Square's role as a primary hub and gathering space for the community.

Morgan Square Enhancement Committee

This ad hoc committee was established by Spartanburg City Council on July 25, 2022 to guide a design and public input process for physical enhancements to Morgan Square in Downtown Spartanburg in order to meet the changing needs of the City’s residents, business owners, and visitors.

Upon completion of its work, the Morgan Square Enhancement Committee will make recommendations on enhancements to Morgan Square to then be taken up by City Council.

Members of the Morgan Square Enhancement Committee are:

• Committee Chair: Halsey Cook, CEO Milliken & Co.
• Raj Patel, Co-owner Cribbs Restaurant & Main St. Pub
• Betsy Teter, Founder Hub City Press
• Tori James LeRoy, Co-owner Two Doors Down
clothing store
• Lauren Rogers, City Design Review Board Member
• Jamar Brown, City Planning Commissioner
• Brenda Lee Pryce
• Alex Powell, Johnson Development
• John Bauknight
• William Gray, McMillan Pazdan Smith Architects
• Jack McBride, Founder and Chairman, Contec, Inc.
• Ex Officio: Jerome Rice, Jr., Spartanburg Mayor
• Ex Officio: Manning Lynch, Spartanburg County Council Chair

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Upcoming Events

Morgan Square Community Workshop

February 21, 4-8 p.m. C.C. Woodson Community Center (210 Bomar Ave.)

Drop in to discuss the future of Morgan Square. This open house will have interactive exercises and opportunities to share your thoughts with City leadership and design team professionals while learning about how you can stay involved in the process!

Morgan Square Enhancement Committee meeting announcements

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