Neighborhood Tool Shed


The City of Spartanburg NEIGHBORHOOD TOOL SHED PROGRAM will allow city residents to borrow tools and equipment for FREE!

Available to residents of the city, neighborhood associations, civic, nonprofit and volunteer organizations

Goals for this program:

1. Encourage community engagement

2. Encourage community pride for residents to maintain their property 

3. Promote partnerships to combat the issues of litter  

4. Source for residents not able to afford the purchase of tools and equipment 

5. Reduce annual cost of enforcement of overgrown property and minor exterior structure         violations.                         

The Neighborhood Tool Shed can be used for minor home repairs, neighborhood clean ups, beautification projects, yard work and more! 

The 7X14 mobile trailer is equipped with tools and equipment such as lawnmowers, rakes, drills, hammers, leaf blowers, weed eaters, wheel barrows, hedge trimmers, litter grabbers, bags, gloves, goggles, safety vest, and more. 

*The whole trailer is available for large scale neighborhood projects and will only be transported by City of Spartanburg employees.

Who To Know

Kensley Aiken

Community and Minority Relations Specialist
(864) 591-4349
contact Contact

Tia Beatty

Customer Service Coordinator
(864) 591-4422
contact Contact

How to Borrow Neighborhood Tool Shed/Tools

Step 1: Fill out application

If you are a resident and want to borrow tools or the entire tool shed you must provide your license and proof of residence (utility bill). Click here to fill out the application. Once completed, e-mail application to

Step 2: Pick a Day & Time*

Let us know what time works best for you to review your application and pick up your tool(s).

*If you are borrowing a larger tool, please make sure your vehicle has enough space to transport it. If not, one of our staff members can deliver it but it will be based on their availability. If you are borrowing the entire tool shed for a neighborhhood wide clean-up, one of our staff members will transport it to a safe mutual area in your neighborhood.

Step 3: Make your home/neighborhood beautiful!