Wadsworth Hills

Active Westside neighborhood set among rolling hills

As retail shops, office complexes, restaurants and schools began to take root on Spartanburg's Westside in the early 1960's, so did residential subdivisions. Among the first, planned subdivisions on the extreme end of the city limits was Wadsworth Hills, built between 1965 and 1967. More than 200 homes were built, with the housing architecture ranging from ranches to a number of tri-level homes, a very popular style in the 1960s. The subdivision was planned to incorporate the hills and valleys to make it unique and to preserve as much of the natural beauty and lay of the land as possible.

The neighborhood gets its name from Camp Wadsworth, one of the largest and most active World War I U.S. Army  training camps, which trained soldiers in the years 1917 to 1918 and was demolished at the war's end. The camp encompassed not only what is today Wadsworth Hills, but also an area that now includes Westgate Mall, the Dorman Centre, and surrounding areas.

Today, Wadsworth Hills continues to be a very active neighborhood. In addition to the natural beauty of the land and the uniqueness of the 1960s-period architecture, the neighborhood prides itself on its diversity regarding age, ethnicity, careers, and family structure. The neighborhood also takes pride in being part of the City of Spartanburg, and is actively involved in all matters related to the City.

On a typical trip through the neighborhood, you'll catch residents riding bikes, walking, pushing baby strollers, having neighborhood barbecues, sitting on their porches, and walking to lunch or dinner at the many restaurants, bars, and coffee houses located within a half mile of the neighborhood.

Copy courtesy of Wadsworth Hill resident Charles Hatchette