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2020 International Festival Cancelled

Monday, August 3

Event called off due to COVID-19 safety concerns


Due to continuing health and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Spartanburg has made the difficult decision to cancel the International Festival this year, which was scheduled for October 2-3. As we had planned changes to this year’s festival in order to combine efforts with Partners for Active Living’s Criterium for a two-day event this fall, they will also be canceling their activities as well. When that decision to expand the 2020 International Festival was initially made, the City was hopeful that circumstances would have improved to allow us to hold the event safely, but that unfortunately has not been the case. 


“We’ve been bringing the world together with the Spartanburg International Festival for over 30 years,” said Special Events Manager Mandy Merck.  “It saddens us greatly to cancel this beloved event that so many look forward to all year long.”


The City’s reopening plan—which was paused due to the recent COVID-19 spike in our community—will require a sustained 14-day decline in the statewide percentage of positive COVID-19 tests in order to resume. A further 14-day decline in infection rates will also be needed in order to permit any largescale public special events and the rate of positive tests must be fall below 10 percent during that decline. Data from SCDHEC will be used to assess COVID-19 infection rates.


“This was not an easy decision as we understand the economic impact and culturally enriching environment International Festival brings to the community,” said Megan Wallace, Special Events Coordinator.  “We look forward to hosting the festival again in 2021.”