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City Council approves compensation study for City employees

Wednesday, December 14

Consultant to review City's pay structure to maintain competitiveness with peers, private sector


At their meeting on Monday, Spartanburg City Council voted 5-0 to approve a $49,000 contract with consultant firm Management Advisory Group International, Inc. to conduct a study of the City's overall pay and compensation system for City employees. Council members Erica Brown and Meghan Smith were absent from the meeting due to illness. In a presentation to Council, City Director of Human Resources Michelle Clyburn said that consultants would take about 4 months to complete the study, which will include surveying employees, a citywide jobs analysis, and a market study comparing current city wages with those of peer government organizations and private sector equivalents.


The move comes on the heels of a number of City salary adjustments in recent years, with $370,000 budgeted for increases in pay for the City's Police Department in 2020$430,000 for the City Fire Department in 2021, and an additional two percent increase for City Public Works employees this past June along with a three percent cost-of-living raise all employees. In addition to examining the compensation for each City job type, the study will also include reviewing current job descriptions to ensure that those descriptions accurately reflect the knowledge and skills required by each position.


For more from Monday's meeting, see the full video below.