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City Council approves second reading of property transfer to construct Norris Ridge Apartments replacement

Tuesday, October 29

Replacement for outdated, substandard apartment complex to begin construction next year

On Monday, Spartanburg City Council gave final approval to the first phase of a plan that will eventually lead to the replacement and demolition of Norris Ridge Apartments, a privately owned substandard section 8 apartment complex in the Highland neighborhood that has long been a site targeted for redevelopment by the City and residents of Highland. 


Under the approved agreement, the City will transfer 10 properties—totaling around 25 acres—along Wofford St. in the Mid-towne Heights area to Mississippi-based firm EquityPlus, LLC for construction of a mixed-income development that will serve as a replacement for the 190 units that will be lost with the eventual demolition of Norris Ridge Apartments. EquityPlus, LLC has an agreement in place with the current owner of Norris Ridge to purchase the property and has agreed to redevelop the site in accordance with the Highland Transformation Plan, currently underway in the neighborhood.


The developer plans to construct the Mid-towne Heighs project in three phases, with the first creating the 190 affordable units needed to house families that will be displaced by the demolition of Norris Ridge Apartments, which will take place after the new units are completed. EquityPlus, LLC is expected to work with the Spartanburg Housing Authority to assist in relocation of tenants. Construction on the Mid-towne Heights development is expected to begin next year.


Also at Monday's City Council meeting, a new Municipal Substitute Judge, Kate Kendall, was sworn in. In the role, Judge Kendall will hear cases when the City's full-time Municipal Judge, Erika McJimpsey is unavailable.


For more on Monday's meeting, see the full video below.