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City Council approves six month pilot program for downtown electric scooters

Tuesday, January 26

Blue Duck to bring electric scooters to Downtown Spartanburg


At their meeting on Monday, Spartanburg City Council gave final approval in a 5-2 vote to create a six month pilot program allowing electric scooter operator Blue Duck to operate in Downtown Spartanburg. Council members Meghan Smith and Erica Brown voted against the motion. Blue Duck plans to bring 100-125 scooters to the downtown area, sharing parking with the current BCycle bike share program.


Under terms of the agreement, scooter riders must use bike lanes when available and may only use streets with a speed limit of 25 MPH or less. Additionally, the scooters may not be ridden on sidewalks, on trails such as the Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail, or in city parks. Riders will also not be allowed to park scooters on sidewalks within 8 feet of a building entrance or within 4 feet of benches and crosswalks. Blue Duck uses geotagging to block off no-parking and no-riding areas with the scooters slowing to a stop when riders approach those areas.


Also at Monday's meeting, Council voted 7-0 to approve designating the entrance drive to Jesse Boyd Elementary School entrance in honor of Emma Taylor, the crossing guard tragically taken in a hit- and-run accident on October 30, 2018. Spartanburg School District 7 will plan to hold an unveiling ceremony at a later date.


For more from Monday's City Council meeting, see the full video below.