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City Council hears update on Blue Duck scooter rental pilot program

Tuesday, October 26

Council to consider extending scooter rental agreement at November 8 meeting


Spartanburg City Council heard an update Monday on the six-month scooter-sharing pilot program the City launched with Blue Duck scooters of San Antonio, Texas in May. According to numbers provided by the company, over 14,300 riders have used the scooters between May and September, with a peak of 4,794 in July. Those numbers are better than what Blue Duck initially anticipated when launching in Spartanburg according to company representatives. The service area for the scooters includes Downtown Spartanburg and surrounding neighborhoods in the City. The scooters utilize GPS technology, and will not function outside their service area or within areas that have been restricted.


Staff briefed Council on the City's education efforts about the new scooter program, which has featured routine social media updates reminding users about the scooter program and rules for riders, as well as signage reminding riders that the scooters are prohibited on City sidewalks. Signage is also being produced for City parking garages to remind users that scooters are not allowed within the garages. Additionally, Blue Duck will be updating the scooters with new vinyl stickers reminding users to not use sidewalks while riding.


The City has worked closely with Blue Duck throughout the pilot program ensure rider and pedestrian safety while providing a new micromobility option for residents and visitors, restricting riders from the Morgan Square area and E Main Street between Liberty St. and Church St due to higher number of pedestrians in those areas. The scooters are also restricted from city trails. 


City Council is expected to consider an extension of the scooter-sharing program at their next meeting on November 8. For more from Monday’s City Council meeting, see the full video below.