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Council approves streetscaping upgrades for Wall Street

Tuesday, November 25

Wall Street project part of $2.3 million in planned downtown streetscaping


At their meeting on Monday, Spartanburg City Council approved a contract for the first project of a planned $2.3 million streetscaping plan. Under the plan, Wall Street (view a map here) will become a "festival street," closed to vehicular traffic during most times of the year. Cars will be prevented from entering the street by the installation of removable bollards and/or large landscaping planters at the W. Broad Street and W. Main Street ends of the street. Pedestrian walkways and the street's vehicular lane will be distinguished by different colors and patterns of pavers, with no elevated curb separating the roadway and pedestrian walkway.


Pavers will be installed across the entire width (building face to building face) and length of the street. New pedestrian street lighting will also be installed which will have the ability to supply electricity to support additional strand lighting that can be draped (pole to pole) across the street. Nearby businesses will be able to utilize this space for outdoor dining and special events. Capitol Construction of the Carolinas was the low bidder for the project at $100,178.


For more on last night's Council meeting, see the full video and a roundup of our live tweets below.



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