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Podcast: HUB-BUB launches project to see 'home' through Spartanburg residents' eyes

Wednesday, January 9

'A Mosaic of Portrait of Spartanburg' seeks to show the many, diverse visions of home Spartanburg


Last fall, we met HUB-BUB's latest pair of artists-in-residence, Ambrin Ling and Marisa Adesman and had a great conversation about the residency, Spartanburg, and what they planned to do with their time while here. Today on the podcast, we're here to find out how it's going so far and to get details on a wonderful new project they'll be working on during the remainder of their time in Spartanburg.


Called “A Mosaic Portrait of Spartanburg,” the project will feature Ambrin and Marisa creating 200 small paintings for a single series portraying the many, diverse visions of home as contributed by individual citizens in our area. From January to July, they will engage residents of Spartanburg county with an evolving series of prompts distributed through a diverse range of platforms—from social media to the Creative Placemaking Studios to a potential walking tour of Spartanburg—that focus on encouraging residents to envision the individual’s notions of home as a space for defining their lived-experience in Spartanburg.


In other words, this project seeks to answer to the question: How does one see home through your eyes? “A Mosaic Portrait of Spartanburg” will result in a gallery exhibition where all of the paintings will be on display and during which Ambrin and Marisa will give a talk about the project, their process, and the outcomes. By interweaving multiple narratives, this project will not only help foster empathy between community members, it will both refine and complicate our shared understanding of Spartanburg as home.


Check out the podcast below for full details on this fantastic participatory art project, and be sure to follow HUB-BUB on Instagram and Facebook for more on how you can get involved!


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