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Podcast: Info and tips to combat COVID-19 in Spartanburg

Thursday, March 12

Stay informed on the latest info regarding COVID-19 and learn tips to help stop its spread


The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting communities throughout the world and Spartanburg is no different. Today on the podcast, we're offering tips on how you can stay informed and help stop the spread of this virus.


What's the short takeaway? Check the CDC's COVID-19 page for the most comprehensive overview of the virus, its spread, and how to protect yourself. Check DHEC's COVID-19 page for information that's focused on communites in our state. If you're feeling ill, MUSC has an online diagnostic tool to help determine if you may have been infected. Check City social media regularly for important local updates as they become available.


And lastly, don't panic. We're all in this together.


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