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Podcast: Montgomery Building renovation set to get underway as developer closes on building

Wednesday, March 1

$29 million historic renovation to begin transforming downtown Spartanburg icon later this month


We've talked a lot about the Montgomery Building on this podcast. We've delved into details about what it means for downtown Spartanburg's future and how it fits into our city's history. However, even considering the very frequent mentions we've given the historic icon, it would be near-impossible to overstate how often it has been discussed inside the corridors of City Hall in recent years. Once the City's most heavily targeted strategic redevelopment property, the future for this beloved piece of 1920s Spartanburg was highly uncertain, with folks throughout the community whispering about a wrecking ball being the only solution...


Oh, how times have changed.


Yesterday, after a long and complicated process typical of historic highrise redevelopments, BF Spartanburg LLC. closed on the building, clearing the way for work to begin. Greenville-based developer James Bakker, lead developer with BF Spartanburg, has plans to create 9,500 square feet of retail and restaurant space on the ground floor, 9,000 square feet of office space on the second floor, and 72 residential units on floors three through 10. It's a moment future generations in Spartanburg will undoubtedly call transformative, and today on the podcast, we're here to tell you why. Listen below for more. 


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