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Podcast: Northside rising, laying the groundwork for a community-led neighborhood master plan

Wednesday, August 25

Innovative community redevelopment effort finds its footing by engaging with residents


Note: Later this year, the Northside Development Group will mark its 10th year since it was founded to be a land bank to guide development and protect the community’s interests on the Northside. The NDG partnered with the Northside Voyageurs, Northside residents and the City of Spartanburg to launch the Northside Initiative, the most comprehensive neighborhood revitalization effort in the city’s history. To mark this moment, the City has been sharing a series of stories and podcasts about the Northside Initiative. You can check out part one of our podcast series by following this link.

Nowhere in any community redevelopment expert's notes will you find "bring a medical college to your neighborhood" listed as a strategy to spur a holisic rethinking of an area plagued for decades by depopulation, decaying housing stock, concentraitions of generational poverty, and lack of investment, but on Spartanburg's Northside, that's exactly what happened.


On today's second part of our Northside Rising podcast series, we're taking a look back at how public investment, private philanthropy, and sustained community engagement came together to create the most ambitious community-led neighborhood transformation initiative in Spartanburg history. Listen below for more, and be on the lookout for more from our Northside Rising series next week!


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