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Podcast: Taking a look at the Spartanburg of 1919

Thursday, June 6

New Library exhibit looks back at Spartanburg one century ago


It started with a simple question posed in the Spartanburg Herald back in 1919: "Do you suppose it is possible for the world to be different a hundred years from now as our world of today is different from that of a hundred years ago?" A new library exhibit puts context around that question, with panels covering such diverse topics as race relations, downtown and neighborhood development, and how the closing of a World War I training camp on the the city's current westside led to a bear calling Morgan Square home for a time.


Today on the podcast, we're talking with Brad Steinecke, Assistant Director of Local History with Spartanburg County Public Libraries about the new exhibit and about how the Spartanburg of 1919 informs the Spartanburg of today.


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