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Podcast: The History of Morgan Square

Thursday, September 15

A look at Spartanburg's public square, 1787 to present


Morgan Square has been the most important public gathering space in Spartanburg almost since its beginnings in 1787. Arguably the birthplace of Spartanburg County after having been selected by four state-commissioned judges as the county seat and site of the the area's first courthouse, the area that would eventually be named for the Revolutionary War general whose statue it houses today formed the core of a new frontier town, stimulating the first wave of Spartanburg's development as taverns, hotels, and general stores filled in the areas nearby.


As that frontier town grew and changed, Morgan Square changed as well, with each generation putting its own stamp on the space as the community's needs evolved over time. Even as the square has changed shape and configuration over the years, its position as a focal point for Spartanburg's people has remained constant. For well over two centuries now, Morgan Square has been the most iconic and important piece of public land in Spartanburg County.


Today, Morgan Square appears ready for its next generational change, one that will build on its current success and ensure that Spartanburg's public square continues to serve the people who call it home. The newly created Morgan Square Redevelopment Committee held its first meeting earlier month, beginning its work charting a course for Morgan Square's next act by getting a crash course in the history of the space from Spartanburg County Public Libraries Assistant Director of Local History, Brad Steinecke and Wofford Archivist, Phillip Stone. In a fascinating presentation, the pair led the committee through each of the square's various iterations and shared context around the decisions that led to each change.


On this week's podcast, we're bringing that same history to you. So join us as we take you on a journey from Spartanburg's beginnings to its present day, and be sure to download the original presentation here to follow along and see how Morgan Square has changed over the years.


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