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Podcast: What is a comprehensive plan?

Wednesday, August 21

Two-year process will create blueprint for future growth, set City priorities


Today on the podcast, we've got an overview of the City's upcoming Comprehensive Planning process. Replacing the City's current Comprehensive Plan, which was crafted in 1999, the new plan is expected to govern the CIty's path for the next 20 years, guiding our strategies on areas as wide-ranging as racial equity, housing, economics, health and wellness, parks and recreation, public facilities, infrastructure, traffic, and the overall livability of Spartanburg for decades to come.

With City Staff expecting to finalize recommendations to Council for a contract with a planning firm to create the Comprehensive Plan in the coming weeks, and the process is expected to take nearly two years to complete, today we're laying the groundwork by trying to answer a few very simple questions: What is a Comprehensive Plan? Why does our City need one? How does it shape future City policy?


Check out our conversation below with City Manager Chris Story and City Planner Natalia Rosario for answers to those questions as well as why it's important for you to be involved in this crucially important process for Spartanburg.


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