School Playgrounds

Building on its reputation as a “Playful City, USA”, the City of Spartanburg and its partners at Spartanburg County School Districts 6 and 7, and Partners for Active Living, launched in the Spring of 2013 a new initiative that allows citizens greater use of school playgrounds in the City.

The joint-use agreement, a national best practice in preventing childhood obesity and just the second of its type in the state of South Carolina, will allow the City’s Parks and Recreation Department to develop and implement programming and supervise use at the playgrounds, which now will be open on weekends during the school year, and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily during summer break. Previously, most school playgrounds have not been accessible to the public, primarily because of safety and liability concerns.

“The importance of this new agreement cannot be overstated,” said Mitch Kennedy, the City’s Director of Community Services. “Providing more and more convenient opportunities for children to play and be physically active in a safe, constructive, supervised environment is a key element of our community’s collective vision. This is also an example of how partnerships make our community exponentially stronger. By sharing resources and working together, the City and our school districts will be able to significantly increase opportunities for our children to play and be physically active, at very little cost to the taxpayer.”

The schools and facilities included in the agreement include:

Denny's Plaza Playground

This brand new playground is located in the heart on downtown! From June 7, 2021 to July 1, 2021, this playground will be closed for public use Monday-Thursdays until 5:30pm for private use by Meeting Street Academy. The playground will be open to the public after 5:30pm until dark, Monday-Thursdays and open from 9am to dark Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

  • Swings
  • Jungle gym
  • Slides
  • Rubberized turf
  • Musical Instrument Station

Spartanburg District 6 Schools
1. Woodland Heights Elementary School
1216 John B. White Sr. Boulevard, Spartanburg, SC 29306
Playground, basketball pad, soccer fields

2. Jesse Bobo Elementary School
495 Powell Mill Road, Spartanburg, SC 29301
Playground, basketball pad, open field

Spartanburg District 7 Schools
1. Jesse Boyd Elementary School
1505 Fernwood Glendale Road, Spartanburg, SC 29307
Playground, baseball field, basketball pad, asphalt and natural trails

2. Cleveland Academy of Leadership
151 Franklin Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303
Playground, basketball courts

3. Pine Street Elementary School
500 South Pine Street, Spartanburg, SC 29302
Playground, walking trail, basketball courts

4. Mary H. Wright Elementary School
457 South Church Street, Spartanburg, SC 29306
Playground, basketball pad, baseball field, asphalt trail, small field

5. E.P. Todd School
150 Old Canaan Road, Spartanburg, SC 29302
Playground, walking trail, basketball court, open fields

6. Spartanburg High School
500 Dupre Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29307
Viking track, walking trail

7. McCracken Middle School
300 Webber Road, Spartanburg, SC 29307
Basketball courts, walking track, football field, tennis courts, open field

8. Carver Middle School
467 South Church Street, Spartanburg, SC 29306
Basketball courts, walking track, tennis courts, football field, baseball field