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Recycling for City residents is easy: simply toss all your recyclables into the large blue rollcart that the City provides and place it curbside for collection. Depending on where you live, your recycling collection days will either be the first and third Mondays of the month or the second and fourth Mondays of the month. See the map at right to find your recycling day. There is also a request form located on the right side of this page.


Why Is The City No Longer Accepting Glass?

The City of Spartanburg regrettably does not accept glass through its residential curbside recycling collection program. Sweeping changes in the recycling marketplace forced this change several years ago, including a dramatic drop in the price for glass recyclables. As a result, there are no outlets for residential glass recyling and no viable opportunities for the material to be reused. 

Can I take my glass to the County's recycling centers?

No. Spartanburg County also has also been forced to stop accepting glass.

Is this situation unique to Spartanburg?

No. Many communities across the nation have been left with no viable opportunities for their glass recyclables and have stopped accepting glass. Some are facing even more widespread issues and making more significant cuts to their recycling programs.

An important way citizens can help improve the efficiency of their local recycling program is by keeping garbage and plastic bags out of the recycling stream. Both garbage and plastic bags — even trash bags — cause major problems at sorting facilities. This increases their cost, which gets passed down to the cities and counties, and it reduces the number of items that can be truly recycled.

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