Signage Regulations


Do Your Homework

We recommend that you contact your City planning staff first to discuss what the signage rules are for your property. This will save time in the long run. Contact our planning department at (864) 596-2068.


Submit Your Application

Use the link at the right to download the signage permit application. If you need help completing it, City staff will be happy to assist you. 

Things To Avoid

Feather banners are not permitted.

Banners require a permit, which are valid for 90 days.

Signs are not permitted in areas of public right of way in the city. Examples: sidewalks, medians, etc.

Flyers/signs are not permitted to be placed on telephone poles, trees or cars in the city.

Yard signs advertising a business are not permitted.


  • Blinking or flashing signs are not permitted
  • Banners placed over vehicles are not permitted
  • No more than two banners are permitted at a business
  • No sign or banner can obstruct traffic sight lines

For help or questions about new signs, contact:

Martin Livingston

Neighborhood Services Director
(864) 580-5323
contact Contact

For help or questions about existing signs, contact:

James Ledlow

Business Licensing Officer
(864) 596-2788
contact Contact